Ongoing Projects and Partnerships

Ongoing Projects and Partnerships

The Breds Source

In partnership with Jamaica National, Breds opened The Breds Source which provides safe spaces in communities for students, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders to have access to business services including printing, scanning and wifi as well as a meeting space and homework area.

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Remedial & Additional Teachers

Annually Breds subsidizes the salaries of several additional and remedial teachers at both the Sandy Bank Primary and Basic Schools as well as the Pedro Plains Primary School.

DESSO Foundation

DESSO is a non-profit organization founded to provide scholarships to deserving youths and adults in and around the Treasure Beach. DESSO is a collaboration of Jamaican and American concerned parties interested in benefiting the Treasure Beach community by helping as many students as possible to attend school on a regular basis. It is our belief that education is a basic human right, and is the key to lifting oneself, one’s family, and one’s community out of poverty. Our aim, by helping these gifted scholars, is to enable them to elevate the entire community.

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In 2011 Breds developed and initiated the rolling out of the EduSport program at Sandy Bank Primary School in Treasure Beach. The EduSport program delivers outdoor game-based learning (in lieu of Physical Education classes) at the Sandy Bank Primary School. Due to the tremendous success of the program Breds approached UNICEF to become a sponsor. With the support of UNICEF and the Ministry of Education, EduSport is now facilitated by 164 coaches, in over 225 primary schools across the island reaching 37,180 of students on a weekly basis.

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Galleon Beach Fishing Sanctuary

In 2011 Breds approached the government to establish the Galleon Beach Fishing Sanctuary that encompasses over 625 acres of Caribbean Sea. The sanctuary employs five full time wardens and a manager. This project was initiated in response to the concerns expressed by the local fishing community that overfishing was taking place leading to a significant reduction in the volume of the catch being experienced by local fishermen. This site was carefully selected by director Dennis Abrahams who thought it presented the ideal conditions for the breeding of marine life, mangrove growth and nesting for birds such as the Osprey that now also breeds in the wetlands adjoining the sanctuary.

The Treasure Beach Sports Park

In 2004 Breds secured land to build out The Treasure Beach Sports Park with the support of then Member of Parliament and Minister of Water and Housing Donald Buchanan who was able to convince the sitting government via the Ministry of Water and Housing to purchase lands and lease them back to Breds for 49 years. A few years later Breds received a donation from Cubie Seegobin and sprinter Yohan Blake to purchase two additional acres of land adjoining the Sports Park and expanded the park to 17 acres. This was followed by a donation from Ted Corrihan of Everything Attachments in North Carolina of a tractor and various other equipment crucial to the park’s operation. In conjunction with UNICEF and the C4 Recovery Foundation the park was able to also construct a high and low ropes course. Designed to build trust and confidence amongst participants including at risk youth from urban areas, the challenge course was launched under the auspices of Jamaican-American General Colin Powell who also blessed the course with his name. The park in its entirety features: a swimming pool, playground, tennis court, basketball court, two pavilions, a football field, open air theater, after school arts education facility, cricket field, changing rooms and bathrooms, two bars, cooking facilities and challenge course.

Activities at the Sports Park
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