About Breds

About Breds

Breds - Treasure Beach Foundation

Was founded in 1998 by Jason Henzell, of Jakes Hotel, Villas and Spa, and Aaron Laufer, a Peace Corps volunteer who was assigned to Treasure Beach at the time. The catalyst to form the nonprofit came by way of a request for a basketball court from a young Allyon Abrahams that sparked the desire between the two founders to become an organization that helped bridge the gap for various needs in the community. The first project, as such, became creating a space for the youth to gather and play sports (particularly basketball) in the evenings and was facilitated through a block drive and discounted materials purchased from local hardware store CA Parchment & Son. The multipurpose court was built at the Sandy Bank Primary School and remains today a netball court for the primary school’s use.

Initial directors were recruited from the local community – and although the board has somewhat changed since initiation – the directors remain residents of and/or stakeholders in, the community. The current board members are: Dennis Abrahams, Tamesha Dyght-Jones, James Godfrey, Jason Henzell, O’Neil James, Norma Moxam, Adina Parchment and Nari William-Singh.

Many years, many projects, many partners and donors later, Breds remains committed to improving the lives of the people living in the Greater Treasure Beach Community through education initiatives, using sports programs as a catalyst for social change and supporting environmental practices that will create a sustainable future for the local fishing industry.



To be the bridge between the Treasure Beach community, Jamaican government and private sector by connecting local individuals and organizations with donors and partners in order to create and/or sustain transformative programs in the areas of: environmental conservation, skills training, education and sport.



For Breds Treasure Beach Foundation to help empower its community members to fulfill their potential with the support of public-private and non profit partnerships in the hope of making Treasure Beach a model for community tourism and sustainable development.

Fundraising Events

The brainchild of Jason Henzell and Peace Corps volunteer Amy Gottlieb, the Jakes Off Road Triathlon was first staged 25 years ago and now holds the unique distinction of being the longest running off road triathlon in the world.

A three-day event held annually the second weekend in October, local fishermen, who pay to enter the competition, vie with their catches for cash prizes, fishing gear and trophies. Highlights include a boat race and a beach party.

On a cool night in the fall, a local bar in New York is transformed into a little rum bar from St. Elizabeth. Guests old and new, friends and ‘fambily’ all, gather to sip rum punch, listen to reggae and rockers while raising funds for transformative projects that will benefit the lives of people in the Treasure Beach community. There is also a silent and live auction. All proceeds go to supporting Breds’ initiatives.

As the largest employer in the community, Jakes Hotel, Villas and Spa is committed to supporting Breds whose work not only benefits the lives of its employees but also helps to make Treasure Beach the special place that it is. An ongoing initiative of Jakes is the Dollar-A-Night programme, whereby the hotel gives a dollar to Breds for every night a guest spends at the hotel.

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