Help Build a Health Clinic in Treasure Beach!

Current Fundraising Project

Breds has partnered with The Treasure Beach Womens Group Benevolent Society, the Hillsborough County Osteopathic Society (HCOS/The Ministry of Health and Wellness, and Minister Floyd Green to establish a full time medical clinic in Treasure Beach – the Treasure Beach Health Clinic (TBHC). This clinic will provide much needed day-to-day medical services for residents who would otherwise have to travel as far as Black River, Santa Cruz and Mandeville (40 – 60 minutes away) depending on treatment needed. The clinic will also provide a facility to host medical service trips organized by local and overseas medical teams. With the assistance of Minister of Parliament Floyd Green and support from the Ministry of Education, the partners identified the teacher’s cottage that adjoins the Sandy Bank Primary School as an ideal location to house this full time facility. Kenneth Brown senior engineer of the St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation has drawn plans and for the expansion and upgrading. Due to the economic implications of COVID-19 the project will be broken into two phases with the total cost of the expansion being approximately USD$145,000.00.

Our Most Recent Project

Donation of Computer Tablets

A total of 200 computer tablets have been donated to schools since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Funds were raised through donations from Treasure Beach stakeholders, repeat guests, villa owners and friends of the area. These tablets were distributed to Newell High School, Sandy Bank Primary, and Pedro Plains Primary School.

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